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Archived News!


Angelica Rojas from San Benito Health Foundation attends the National Association of
Community Health Centers Confrerence in Washington DC March 19-23, 2013.

Read the Press Release Emerging Leader Award Recipient:
Angelica Rojas, San Benito Health Foundation

See images of the event here:
PDF Movie

Pictured left to right: Rosa Vivian Fernandez and Angelica Rojas


Leah Groppo & Dr. David Satcher   Leah Groppo, attended the Public Health Hero’s Gala Awards Reception on behalf of Rosa Vivian Fernandez on March 14, 2013. UC Berkeley, School of Public Health was honoring Dr. J. Michael McGinnis and Dr. David Satcher. Both have been influential in their government and private sector leadership roles. When Leah returned, she commented on the benefit from meeting UC Berkeley Alumni and all the wonderful work they are doing in the field.

Pictured: Leah Groppo with Dr. David Satcher.